Micro Fat Injection Set- Face & Neck

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Micro Fat Injection Set- Face & Neck Summary

This complete set contains Luer-Lock Hub Cell Friendly cannulas to harvest and re-inject adipose tissue with improved viability. This set includes 01 Tumescent Infiltrator and 01 Harvester with 1mm micro-ports to harvest tissue that is compatible with 02 Micro Injectors & 01 Single Port injector cannula:

  1. Micro Injector Cannula - Luer-Lock, 0.8mm x 4cm
  2. Micro Injector Cannula - Luer-Lock, 1.0mm x 5cm
  3. Single Port Injector Cannula - Luer-Lock, 1.2mm x 10cm
  4. Tumescent Infiltrator Cannula - Luer-Lock, 1.5mm x 12cm
  5. Aggressive Multiport Harvester Cannula - Sharp Microports - Luer-Lock, 2.5mm x 20cm
  6. Luer Lock Syringe Cap
  7. Syringe Holding Device

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